William "Bill" Little

Lutheran Council Member-At-Large

William "Bill" Little

Little did I realize from an early time in my life God has been grooming me little by little for His bigger plans in my life, and He continues to this day. My introduction that chapel managers existed was the start of a life serving God and His people. Within a couple of years God opened doors and I became a chapel manager in 1980. After retiring from the Air Force in 1992, God continued opening doors and I was able to put my chapel manger skills to work in a local church, in our community. Since the passing of God's blessed gift to me, my deceased wife Jackie, God has truly opened my heart. He has filled that void and filled it with His love. God has, through the Holy Spirit, stepped up His aggressive love for me showing me He is the light, the truth, and the way and nothing else matters. The Holy Spirit has awoken me to the realization that God is a vital part of me. God opened Father Jon’s heart, at Epiphany Church in Marina, allowing him to accept me, who I am, and where I am in my attempt to become closer to God. Through Father Jon avenues have opened up, opening my heart and mind to the reality of God controlling my life. English for Ministry (EFM) and working to becoming an Ordained Deacon, starting with Lay Eucharistic Ministry (LEM) and Lay Eucharistic Visitor (LEV) allowing me to offer Holy Communion to homebound persons. Every step I take brings me closure to an everlasting relationship with our Father in Heaven.

  March 2023  
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