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Joanne Robbins

Joanne Robbins was born on Hollywood Boulevard in 1971, and quickly headed to Venice beach to recover. After a move to Carmel as a young teenager, she attended local schools and graduated from RLS in 1989. A brief stint at UC Davis was followed by a move to West Virginia and then Iowa to pursue a career as an equestrian trainer. After returning to California in 1997, she continued and then retired from that field and pursued a career in retail management for several national and international concerns. For the last 7 years, she has worked as a paralegal, a position that she hopes to keep for many years to come.

When she is not working, she enjoys tilting at windmills and caring for her herd of cats

Senior Warden - Episcopal

Jody Rogers

As a child, my family was deeply involved in the Wesleyan church; however, as I grew into my teenage year’s involvement in the church began to diminish as I turned to drugs and alcohol for comfort instead of God. During bouts of sobriety throughout my 20’s to 40’s I would turn back to the church for comfort; however, my addiction seem to always win out. That was until I visited Epiphany to obtain food for my daughter and myself in October of 2009. I had recently gotten “clean” and was looking for a new church to attend. Father Jon approached me and invited me to church. The next Sunday I walked through the doors and was welcomed with open arms. I knew I had found a spiritual home.

Epiphany’s vision of “Unity, Diversity and Charity” is a vision that I share in my own personal life. That day of walking through Epiphany’s doors has led to my obtaining a BA in Collaborative Health and Human Services and now working towards my Masters of Public Administration.  As a leader in this church I utilize the skills I have gained through obtaining these two degrees and my professional experience of working in the nonprofit sector in order to serve the congregation and community. I am committed to the mission of embracing all individuals and families, and making a difference in the world. 

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Jonathan Brinkmann

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