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Marina is a city that is at the crossroads of our county and one of the most diverse cities in the nation. The opportunity to meet so many people, from so many places adds adventure and fun to our community. As one of your neighbors, we would like to take a moment to introduce our special community within Marina - Epiphany Lutheran & Episcopal Church.

We are a true blend. Diversity for us is more then a culture or ethnicity. It is the way of our faith life. With both the Lutheran (ELCA ) and Episcopal Churches coming together under one roof, we truly express diversity in our walk of faith.

We do not always see the world through the same eyes of experience, so we search and celebrate the faith touchstones that can bring us to a common place of experience. Our Sunday Worship and experience is a blend of historical traditions, world wide community, contemporary music, as well as prayer and fellowship of other sojourners, all with a focus on the integrity of our blended community.

What will you see at Epiphany? Our average Sunday worship is about 45 people, in a small chapel (Church membership is over 100 and growing. But, not everyone comes every Sunday). However, the chapel is still large enough, that if you want to be quietly unnoticed and check things out, you can. Music that is contemporary (not Praise), with a choir that will amaze you. We do not seek perfection in the worship, we celebrate our gifts. Some people dress casual and some in their Sunday best. You will see a community dedicated to community service and making our world a better place. We strive for excellent preaching every Sunday (We realize that even the preacher can not reach perfection every Sunday). However everyone will welcome you, and we can promise that you can be you; the whole you.





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  • Can you come out to “Godly” play?

    Parents and church members in childhood education, I’m inviting you to a roundtable discussion on Saturday January 27th from 10 am to Noon to discuss and explore how to take our Sunday School program to the next level.

    The leadership of Epiphany wants to know what you think the priorities and goals of the Sunday School should be. How should we invest in time and money in our Sunday School. And what type of investment in emotion and time are we as parents, children and teachers of Godly Play, should make.

    Please RSVP. Blessings Fr. Jon +

  • Volunteers Wanted

    Volunteers Wanted

    Garden Waterer – Looking for a person to water outside plants in the church planters. Plants need to be watered twice a week. About 6 to 8 hours a month.

    Greeters – Welcome people to Epiphany on Sunday Morning from 9:00 am to 10:15 am at the Narthex Door. Ensure people have a Service Book, invite guest to sign Guest Book, offer directions to Sunday School, Restrooms and seating areas. Provide information about Sunday School, Quiet Toys, Dog Sitting Area and etc. Take Sunday Attendance.

    Episcopal Rp on Epiphany’s Board of Trustees – Must be a Confirmed or Received or Baptized in an Episcopal Church. Rep will represent Episcopal and Congregation wide interest on the Board of Trustees. Person will attend monthly meetings on the Second Sunday of each month. Review minutes and statements on a monthly bases. No experience necessary. About 3 hours a month.

  • New Voices with ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

    Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton offers an updated, contemporary perspective on what it means to covet a neighbor's belongings. The message, she says, is just as important now as it was in Martin Luther's time: we should not be driven to have more than our neighbors, nor to ensure our neighbors have less. Explore the series. https://youtu.be/ttEHQpTZ0xU

  • Annual Church Meeting

    Hear’ye! Hear’ye!

    Epiphany Lutheran &

    Episcopal Church

    Annual Meeting

    Sunday – January 28, 2017

    11:30 am (After Sunday Service)

  January 2018  
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